Monday, July 6, 2009

Jenny Lewis made me eat egg salad, twice

I woke up this morning with no food in my fridge and 30 dollars in my wallet. I had plans to see Jenny Lewis with opening band the Heartless Bastards, there was no spare cash for lunch money, as mentioned before, I'm on a New York City, singing Elvis budget. I quickly scrounged to create something delicious, yet nutritious for my lunch that would leave me with enough leftovers for day 2s lunch.
Mmm mmm mmm egg salad. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing terrible about this creation, other than my mother. When we were wee children traveling on spring vacation to visit my brother in Georgia, my mother made us stop for a "picnic" of egg salad. The only problem, the picnic was in the parking lot of Hardees. Yes, egg salad in the parking lot of Hardees. No, we couldn't go in for french fries. We had to sit there and eat it while all the other kids got fries and soda. Talk about tragic, and a swarm of painful memories.
This creation is quite easy to make. I already had 2 boiled eggs from a previous week's CSA. I say previous because I'm not sure when I boiled them. I'll let you know tomorrow if they were spoiled. I chopped them up and mixed them with a spoonful of mayo, 2 squirts of mustard, 3 shakes of dill, 2 shakes of paprika, and a shake each of salt and pepper. Placed on sliced bread with a side of raw cabbage made for a delicious lunch. It was helped by the fact that a coworker bought me a bag of Doritos.
Jenny Lewis was well worth eating egg salad for, I suggest you do the same if she comes to your town!


  1. Would you feel better if I bought you a side of Hardies fries with that egg salad sandwich?
    I should cook you up some of Elvis' fave dishes and airmail it to you so you can EAT and remember why you're saving up your money all at one time!
    Wait, I don't cook....looks like I"ll just have to stick to the Hardees fries scenario instead.
    Thanks for posting! How was Jenny?

  2. Thanks for eating egg salad : )

  3. Jenny lewis was amazing! Wasn't Elvis a fan of pband banana? I think I can whip that up for October.

  4. yes, Elvis was a fan of PB and banana sandwhiches! Probably he fried it somehow, because he liked everything WAY BAD, in an unhealthy, sorta way.
    You should totally look into the Elvis cookbook, I"ve seen it before and it looks quite fatty and delicious!