Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cheapskate Summer Squash Cooking

In an attempt to save some green for an October outing to New York, I'm cooking on a budget. One of the ladies at work was kind enough to bring in some extra Zucchini, right on, I took one and made this delicious sandwich.

Slice up some squash, brush with Olive Oil and sprinkle with garlic, salt, pepper, Italian seasonings of your likening and a hint of crushed red pepper. Pop it in the broiler, flip once, remove when broiled, whatever that is.

I placed mine on some flat bread and sprinkled with a little goat cheese from my CSA basket. Instant delicious with cash to spare to tip that singing Elvis.


  1. yum... that looks good. i think im going to try it. guess ill have to dig out shit that ive already packed up :)

  2. AS I grow older, my tastebuds are changing to that of more of an adult....and can I say I am super hungry right now, even when I read the word "Squash"...yes, that's right, that sandwhich looks DELICIOUS!
    I"m glad to see that Stingray and myself are not inhibiting your cuisine too much by making you budget wisely.

    Oh,and may I suggest a book I just stumbled across while reading the June/July issue of BUST? It's called "Favorite Recipes of the Movie Stars", it's from the 1930s. BUST featured one of Clara Bow's choices, and it sounds like quite a yummy treat.

  3. Mm, looks delicious.
    I didn't realize how hungry I was.