Friday, July 17, 2009

i love goat cheese

this really isnt too exciting of a post.  for one, i had to use my camera phone and two, there really isnt much to it.  

i decided that i needed to eat cheese last night and since i had goat cheese just hanging out, i though to myself... "mmm, goat cheese sticks!"  so, here is how it came about.

this is the cheese, yum.  :)  i chopped it up and then mixed it up with some basil, minced garlic and parsley.  i obviously got carried away and forgot to take a picture of the mixture.

speaking of add, i had cherry tomatoes that were calling my name so i chopped one in half, scooped out the inside and threw some of the goat cheese mixture inside.  it was yummy :)

i took about a half a teaspoon of the cheesey happiness and rolled it up in a wonton wrapper.  to be honest, i found this recipe a long time ago when amanda and i realized that we couldnt/werent allowed to go to spinellis every single night.  the only difference that im making to this recipe is that im using goat cheese.  any other time ive made them, i use string cheese.

prepped and ready to hit the oven!!

and this is the outcome.... nothing fancy but then sure tasted good.  :)

baked cheese sticks - 

wonton wrappers
string cheese (as previously mentioned, i just sub-ed the goat cheese mixture for this certain creation)

thats it.  thats the ingredient list.

basically, just roll the cheese into the wonton wrapper and pop in the oven on 350-400 for about 10-15 mins.  when using string cheese, cut them in half and they fit in the wrapper perfectly.  :)


  1. Wonton wrapper cheese sticks are delicious, but I enjoy mozzarella or even cheddar!

  2. oh geez, i'm so hungry now.....but Jarrett is still curious to know when you're making some pork chops? haha, he's a glutton.

  3. Bar-b-que pork chop sandwhiches with pickle and onion, sounds delicious!

  4. A good story

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