Monday, May 25, 2009

my kitchen disaster...

pictures first...

this last picture here is a little smokey... if you couldnt tell.

so, i was going to make a pie for my mom.  a banana carmel pie to be exact.  i was very excited about it and found this great recipe.  the recipe called for one 14 oz can of sweet condensed milk (unopened) to be boiled for 3 hours.  yes, unopened.  boiled.  for 3 hours.  so, one hour down i get a text from amanda.  "happy hour at dark star"  long story short... went to happy hour and left the unopened can of sweet condensed milk boiling knowing that i wouldnt be gone too long.  as soon as we pull up to the apartment, amanda calls it.  you can smell something burning from outside... and i was just praying i wouldnt open up my apartment to flames.  luckily, this was all i found.  

i ended up making my mom a pie but it did not involve boiling unopened cans of any kind.  and yes, ive learned my lesson.  alcohol does not trump leaving the oven on.  hahaha.


  1. HAhahaha... Oh man! That looks scary!

  2. yes, the pie was very good